Hye Yeon Nam

Shifting Datum

2020, Human-Robot Collaboration

What if New Orleans sinks beneath the waves by the end of the century? How can we save our community and its vibrant culture?

Shifting Datum critically examines the relationship between New Orleans - a city much of which is at or below current sea level - and changes in relative sea level. Shifting Datum represent the changing relationship between the city and relative sea level. Shifting Datum uses a laser line to mark the shifting datum of sea level relative to New Orleans. A laser moved by UR 5e robot casts a red line across 3D printed models of New Orleans, marking the projected relative sea level rise year by year for this century. Through the Shifting Datum, I hope my audience will become more mindful about our environment and think about how to coexist with nature.

Collaborator: Brendan Harmon