Hye Yeon Nam


2017 May, Critical Art Installation, Invisible v.2

2017 May, Critical Art Installaion, Invisible v.1

Invisible uses a computational system to evoke understanding and a discussion of current racial stereotype issues. It explores the political implications of how freely racial discrimination is expressed on online platforms, where these discriminations can easily be hidden. At the same time, it is not limited to representing discrimination, but also revealing a lack of conversation. Invisible prints sentences that include any derogatory racial term representing discrimination of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Caucasians on papers in every 10 seconds. After the sentences are printed, the robotic arm cuts and throws the papers away on the ground. Amongst the piles of hurtful messages, one can find examples that seek to educate the readers to the injured feelings and sensitivities of the races. The most important purpose of Invisible is to raise discussions, and not for audiences to remain in frustration.

Software Consultant: Zachary Berkowitz
Hardware Intern: Jeremy Zuccaro
Sculpture Intern: Jake Hamill

2017 July, Tri-tryagain, Brooklyn, NY
2017 May, CHI Art Gallery, Denver, CO
2016 Oct, Glasell Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA (without robotic parts)