Hye Yeon Nam


2023, Living Typography + Interactive Sound Instrument

Living Typography, Ec(h)o, is a robotically seeded living interface for collective music making. It is composed of a microcontroller, capacitive touch sensors, plants, and planting media. The interface is grown from robotically planted seeds in computationally generated planting patterns. The living matter, plants, and soil act as a sensor network. Touching a zone of the living interface will play a sample from a sound palette of environmental recordings. People can touch, feel, listen to, and experience Ec(h)o while they appreciate the beauty of typography and nature.

Art Director: Hye Yeon Nam
Landscape Architect: Brendan Harmon
Sound Artist: Ka Hei Cheng

2023 April, Type Directors Club (TDC) Awards

2022 May, Living Typography: Robotically Printing a Living Typeface "CHI Interactivity, New Orleans Convention Center